Friday, December 16, 2011

Half Moon

Here's what I wrote down last week in my sketchbook:

"Dec 6, 2011

Last Night I had a dream. In it, there I was driving down a desert road in my 2003 Chevy Cavalier. I wasn't driving, but was in the passenger seat and there was a heavily built guy with long hair (greying) that was driving and could probably best be described as a cross b/w a hippie and a lumberjack. Suddenly a huge beigy/cream coloured bull with big horns (one of which was broken off half way) was running on an intersecting path with the car from approximately 10 o'clock. I tensed up and crossed my arms in front of my face. The hippie braked hard and swerved left off the road (as it was dirt and one lane). We narrowly missed the bull. We started again and almost immediately another bull was on our crossing path from the same direction. It was the same colour but had both horns this time. Again we managed to stop and avoid disaster but just barely. We finally got to a big circular cavern in the side of a mountain that was all open except for the stones that held up the ceiling. There was wood platform around the outside, wide enough we could have driven except that it was all destroyed by someone, the same person that didn't want us to get to the light/opening on the other side of the cavern. That's all I can remember"

So I wonder.. What does it mean? Obviously nothing, but I couldn't help but look some stuff up. Especially since my dream featured bulls which are super common symbolic animals for strength, masculine fertility and sometimes death. I was also surprised to read that the horns can represent the moon, and made me wonder about the one with only half a horn. Also, right beneath 'steer' in my symbol dictionary is 'steering wheel', symbolizing responsibility authority and higher wisdom. It figures I wasn't behind the wheel in the dream. Ha. Also the guy driving has long hair and is strong.
The cavern was circular, and circles are also super common, meaning stuff like heaven, god (infinity), perfection, enlightenment and protection. Except that the circle in my dream was broken. Can that be good? And that broken circle was keeping me from the light which can mean life, or happiness, and so I read inspiration or spiritual vision. Also the location of the cavern is in a mountain symbolic of joining heaven and earth and the dwelling place of the gods.
Holy nads did I ever have a symbolic dream, so here goes:

My dream means I am following a path of wisdom and responsibility though I am not in control. It helps me avoid death (in a sense) at the hands of the strong, or perhaps it helps me avoid procreating. Both seem true enough. Should I choose to look at this in a temporal sense, I am led close to perfect enlightenment, but cannot reach it. In a spiritual sense, I am led close to heaven, but am barred from going any further. As a shrink would say: 'You're sexually frustrated'

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