Saturday, April 2, 2011


Ok, so I've been thinking about Smallville and Naruto again. Oh Rob.
Anyways, in one of the later episodes of season 4, Lex and his father Lionel are having a little tete a tete (pretend there are accents). Lex knows that Lionel is being less than truthful about the stones from Krypton (that everyone is looking for in season 4) and Lionel tells Lex that there is a difference between finding all the answers and understanding what they mean, and just what does he hope to achieve (which is kinda pot calling the kettle black).
I think I can sort of understand what he means. I was a heck of a lot happier before I read a bunch of books, but I still don't stop reading books. I have stopped thinking, though, that I'll ever find all the answers out.
Then I was thinking how Sasuke from Naruto is just like that. He's obsessive, and he's pursuing something. Only his goal is revenge. He too was almost a good guy, and his teachers all told him or rather tried to convince him that getting revenge is just a big let down. And when he finally killed his brother and got his revenge, it totally was, a big let down that is, especially because he found out it was all part of his brother's plan to protect the village. But isn't it weird that the pursuit of knowledge and the pursuit of a foe can both drive people to obsessive lengths and ultimately don't result in any satisfaction, but the exact opposite? But then again, life is pretty dull without obsession.

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